health event in mansoura
افتتاح بنك الدم
افتتاح مركز الغسيل الكلوي
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The hospital management ensures the highest degree of hotel service to the patient and his family through a group of specialized work team in this field.

The rooms of the hospital:
The hospital provides rooms for the establishment of a high-level degree of excellence to provide convenience for patients and taking into account their privacy From this standpoint, the Department of the hospital was keen on the absence of the principle of joint chambers .
- Each room contains two beds, one for the patient and the other for the co-patient. Independent bathrooms. Best facilities of comfort and rest recreation.

Hospital wards: are characterized by vastness and luxury there are two levels of wings distinguished, wings and luxurious wings.

Meals: the Department of the hospital give special attention to meals provided for patients, supervised by an elite group of nutritionist according to the instructions of doctors treating them.

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