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افتتاح بنك الدم
افتتاح مركز الغسيل الكلوي
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The Centre for urological surgery and Masculinity Diseases
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Placing in the eighth floor of the hospital has been designed to be the centre of development processions medical enormous in the scientist of the urology and Masculinity Diseases "and includes a selection of most skilled professors of the urology

includes the following units:

  • The unit to treat stones of urinary tract (kidney, ureters, urinary bladder ) would be to extracted stones by one of the following alternatives:
    -  The extraction of stones cystoscope
    -  ESWL
    -  Surgical removed

The unity of dynamic urination: includes the latest medical equipment to test dynamic urination a specialized unit to treat incontinence of involuntary when men and women and children. The unity of the treatment of Prostate diseases for diagnosis of Prostate diseases with the latest scientific methods and the eradication of Prostate cystoscope and treatment of prostate tumors pre-trial and treatment prostate enlargement


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